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Let me take a minute to introduce myself.   My name is Joanna.  I am from Redlands, California. Born and raised southern Californian. Travel, music, art, and family are some of my favorite things. The ocean is my happy place and gives me so much inspiration when I am there.   I am married to my high school sweetheart and together we have two AMAZING kids.   My husband and I launched Chasing Light & Co. after years of dreaming. Chasing Light is so much more than a business.  It is a passion and I love seeing and creating art through the lens of a camera. Whether it's on the day of saying your I do's or playing with your kids at the beach.... Life is full of beautiful moments and I would love and be privileged to be able to capture and protect those for you. I see photography as a way of storytelling.  Each of us has a story. We are all so different, so unique.  Our stories are the fibers of what make up our one beautiful life that we have to live.  Fibers bursting with excitement, love, joy, and sometimes sadness and sorrow.  But these fibers, these moments are important.  They are treasures.  They are more precious than gold.  I am honored to have a part in preserving them you.

Photo by Lovelock & Co.

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